Get-user-id Adware on Mac

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Get-user-id is the name of a piece of potentially unwanted software that exhibits signs typical of both a browser hijacker and an ad-supported program or adware.

Get-user-id will change the settings of your Mac browser, making those alterations quietly and without asking for explicit user consent. In addition to changing your home page and default browser search engine, it can also cause redirects and display advertising on the pages you visit.

When this sort of change to your browser is made without asking for your consent first, this is characterized as undesirable behavior and makes the software introducing those changes a PUP or a potentially unwanted program.

The ads and redirects caused by the adware functionality of Get-user-id can also expose the user to potential threats. Adware applications often work with rogue ad networks and may display ads that link to unsafe pages, misleading sites and other potentially unwanted programs.

The combination of all those factors makes Get-user-id something you don't want to have on your Mac. Removal can be tricky, as similar browser hijackers may not have an entry in your browser's list of extensions and add-ons, so you may need to use a special anti-malware app to get rid of them.

June 23, 2022