Remove FlexInterval

FlexInterval is an intrusive Mac application that may be the cause of random and unwanted changes to your system and browser configuration. Users might install FlexInterval accidentally – often through interactions with low-quality software bundles, or because of falling for misleading ads and promises. The important thing to know about FlexInterval is that it is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that does not have any useful or important features to enhance your experience. In fact, this app's sole purpose is to manipulate your browser configuration in order to promote 3rd-party search engines. FlexInterval triggers intrusive redirects, which might expose you to low-quality ads, sponsored results, and other deceptive content.

How to Remove FlexInterval?

You are likely to encounter FlexInterval in your list of Applications. However, trying to uninstall it like you would remove other Mac apps might not work. PUPs may use an uninstaller that misses some files on purpose – this is why you should not trust them. Instead, use an up-to-date Mac security scanner to ensure that FlexInterval is removed fully. To avoid interacting with Mac PUPs again, you should start being more careful with the files and installs you download. Only trust legitimate websites, and always read user reviews before interacting with new and unknown software.

By Ruik
November 15, 2021
November 15, 2021