Remove ExtendedRotator

ExtendedRotator is an intrusive application for Macs. Its installation often happens without the user's permission or approval, and ExtendedRotator could bring annoying changes to their Web browsers. The goal of this software is to operate in the background, and silently manipulate browser settings. Furthermore, it may prevent users from switching their browser's new tab page or search engine.

ExtendedRotator is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and you can rest assured that its removal is recommended. Thankfully, it does not possess any harmful properties, so it should not be considered to be a major security concern. Despite this, it is still an annoying intruder that you should deal with as soon as possible.

How do Mac PUPs Like ExtendedRotator Propagate?

Often, these apps arrive through software bundling, but their developers use many other propagation techniques. For example, ExtendedRotator may be promoted through misleading ads, fake downloads, or other dodgy content. We advise you not to download software from non-trustworthy sources. Mac PUPs like ExtendedRotator are removable with the use of up-to-date security tools. The latter software can also come in use if you want to protect your systems for other intrusive apps that could cause annoying changes to your Mac.

By Ruik
November 19, 2021
November 19, 2021