Beware of ExplorerIndex Mac Adware

ExplorerIndex is a potentially unwanted program or a PUP that functions as adware, also referred to as ad-supported software.

ExplorerIndex is a clone belonging to the AdLoad Mac adware family. It can show up in the applications folder on your Mac and will exhibit behavior that is typical for adware apps.

Adware is categorized as a subcategory of potentially unwanted programs, also known as PUPs. Adware will load ads inside your favorite browser, generating money for the adware's author along the way.

Adware will usually install quietly on your system, without sufficient disclosure and without asking for consent and this is a problem.

The other major problem with adware is that ad-supported applications often source their ads through rogue ad networks. Rogue ads may redirect the user to pages that contain questionable content, other potentially unwanted applications, scam or phishing portals.

This should make it clear why the presence of ExplorerIndex or any other type of adware application on your system is not something you want. Thankfully, uninstalling AdLoad clones is relatively easy. All you need to do is drag ExplorerIndex from your Applications folder into your Trash, then empty your Trash.

September 30, 2022