AccessibleInput Mac Adware

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AccessibleInput is a potentially unwanted application or a PUA that functions as adware, also known as ad-supported software.

AccessibleInput is a variant of the AdLoad Mac adware family. It can appear in the applications list on your Mac and will exhibit features typical of adware.

Adware is categorized as a class of potentially unwanted applications or PUAs. As the name implies, adware will display ads inside your favorite browser, generating revenue for the adware's maker in the process.

Adware will usually install quietly on your system, through a software bundle containing the adware app along with what may be a legitimate application.

The other big issue with adware is that adware apps often source their ads through rogue ad networks. This means that the ads may link the user to pages that contain questionable content, other potentially unwanted applications, scam or phishing portals.

The combination of those two factors makes the presence of AccessibleInput or any other type of adware on your system undesirable. Thankfully, uninstalling AdLoad clones is relatively easy. All you have to do is drag and drop the AccessibleInput icon from your Applications folder onto your Trash, then empty the Trash.

September 16, 2022