How to Avoid Ads

web browser hijacker

Exactofferslink dot com is a misleading website that will attempt to push ads in your browser and will also try collecting personal information through a fake giveaway.

Landing on the page, the browser will bring up the "allow notifications" dialog box, in an effort to get the user to accept and permit ads in their browser. This is combined with a fake giveaway displayed on the page.

The site will place a timer on the page to create a sense of urgency in the visitor and get them to act without thinking. The page claims you can win an expensive mobile phone if you answer a few very simple questions.

Of course, this is a scam and there is no reward here. This sort of fake giveaway or fake survey will usually attempt to collect the user's personally identifiable information.

If you run into similar misleading pages, remember you should never interact with any elements on them and simply close your browser tab.

November 25, 2022