Pushes Ads Through Fake Virus Scares

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Estimatorone dot xyz is a website with a semi-random domain name and a load of misleading content on it.

Landing on Estimatorone dot xyz usually means you clicked a rogue ad on another website. The first thing you will see on Estimatorone dot xyz will be a large warning screen. This is not a real interface window or system screen, it is just an image that has been visually styled to resemble a Windows 10 crash screen, also known as the "blue screen of death".

The fake error screen will tell visitors that "Your Windows 10 is infected with Viruses and other malicious applications". This is one of the most commonly used twists that misleading websites employ. Malicious actors who run similar pages love to scare their visitors into submission and tell them their computer is infected with every piece of malware known to man.

Thankfully, none of this is true. Those sites simply try to scare you with fake virus warnings and get you to click "allow" on them. This will only lead to ads in your browser, some of which may be harmful.

Misleading websites like Estimatorone dot xyz will often work together with rogue ad networks, delivering their ads. This means these ads may link to questionable content, scams, other untrustworthy websites and potentially unwanted apps.

Remember that any time a website you never heard of before tells you that your system is infected, it is a fake and the site should not be trusted.

August 1, 2022