Remove Easy Search Tool

browser hijacker

Easy Search Tool is a misleading browser extension, which may promise to enhance your ability to search and navigate the Web. However, installing it results in entirely different changes, which you certainly will not be happy with. Instead of improving your online experience, Easy Search Tool will replace your default new tab page and search engine with a low-quality, alternative website. Due to this change, you will start seeing low-quality sites and search results on a regular basis. In addition to providing worse search results, the Easy Search Tool search service may also contain extra advertisements and other sponsored content.

User reports also state that Easy Search Tool may be responsible for various redirects, which lead users to site associated with various scams – like the ones meant to hijack browser notifications. If you suspect that your Web browser is behaving out of the ordinary, and showing random ads or redirects, then you should take action immediately.

Of course, discovering and removing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) manually is not easy. In this case, we would advise you to leave this task in the hands of a trustworthy antivirus tool. They can scan your entire system, and ensure the full removal of intrusive apps like Easy Search Tool.