Pushes Ads Through Fake Scares

browser hijacker popups ads

Defense-mob dot com is a hastily thrown together misleading website that will attempt to scare visitors into following its instructions and accepting intrusive and potentially harmful ads in their browser.

Landing on Defense-mob dot com, you will be greeted by a message that claims to originate from something called "Google Security". Right out of the gate, this is a scam. The page will try to make you believe you have at least a dozen malware applications running inside your Chrome browser, doing it in broken English that should be the very first red flag.

Similar sites will ask users to press links and buttons on them, either redirecting to malicious files or browser hijackers.

Always keep in mind that a random website cannot know the security of malware infection status of your computer. All similar warnings and messages you see on random web pages are all fake and are intended to scare you into following the instructions on the misleading or malicious page.

When you come across similar misleading sites, remember to just quickly close the browser tab, before you have a chance to accidentally click anything on the page, then move on.

July 26, 2022