Remove CoordinatorPlus

A potentially unwanted program (PUP) is a program that is usually bundled with other software and may perform unwanted actions on a computer. PUPs are often installed without adequate notice by users, making them difficult to uninstall or disable. PUPs can be identified by their presence on a system together with one or more symptoms of suspicious behavior. These symptoms include collecting user data and controlling or modifying web browser settings without the user's consent. One PUP that does this is CoordinatorPlus, and it is special because it is exclusive for Mac systems – there is no Windows version available.

If CoordinatorPlus is present on your Mac, it may replace your new tab page or search engine with an unknown page. Typically, this change is not dangerous, but it will greatly diminish your Web browsing experience – it may provide shady/sponsored search results, cause unexpected redirects, and other issues.

To prevent software like CoordinatorPlus from reaching your Mac, you should take preventive measures to stop this by installing a suitable Mac security software suite.

May 17, 2021

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