Remove ExtendedField

ExtendedField is an intrusive Mac application, which is usually delivered to computers through low-quality software, bundles, fake downloads, or misleading ads. ExtendedField, for example, may be promoted as a useful utility that introduces exciting features to your Web browser. In reality, however, it will do only one thing – replace your search engine and new tab page with a 3rd-party website. Of course, the website that ExtendedField promotes is as shady as the program itself – it may prioritize sponsored results, show extra ads, and cause unexpected redirects.

Trying to remove ExtendedField from your Mac manually might turn out to be a failed venture since PUPs like this one often try to persist even after the user tries to remove them. This means that even if ExtendedField does not show up in your list of browser add-ons or installed apps, it may still work in the background. To make sure that this does not happen, you should remove such software by using a suitable Mac security scanner. Modern cybersecurity software is able to swiftly identify all components of PUPs like ExtendedField, and remove them without giving the intrusive software a chance to protect any of its files.

May 6, 2021

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