Coinlocker Ransomware Uses Confusing Extension - How To Remove Coinlocker


Coinlocker ransomware is the name of a newly discovered strain of file-encrypting malware. The new variant does not seem to belong to any particular ransomware family.

Coinlocker behaves as you would expect it to - it encrypts almost every file on the victim system, leaving intact only files that are essential to the continued operation of Windows.

Encrypted files receive the rather confusing ".exe" extension once encrypted. This is just a new extension string and should not be confused with the legitimate .exe extension appended to executable files. The encryption process will turn a file named "photo.jpg" into "photo.jpg.exe".

File types affected by the encryption process include media, archive and document files.

The ransomware deposits its ransom demands inside a plain text file named "bitdecrypter.txt". The full ransom note goes as follows:


All of your files have been encrypted

Your computer was infected with a ransomware virus. Your files have been encrypted and you won't

be able to decrypt them without our help.What can I do to get my files back?You can buy our special

decryption software, this software will allow you to recover all of your data and remove the

ransomware from your computer.The price for the software is 100 btc  Payment can be made in Bitcoin only.

How do I pay, where do I get Bitcoin?

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September 12, 2022