Hijacks Browser Settings

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Chromesearch dot club is a fake search engine that can also be associated with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are classified as potentially unwanted programs - a grey category of software that fills the space between legitimate applications and malware.

Chromesearch dot club exists as a domain that shows what looks like a search engine. However, using the page at Chromesearch dot club to search simply opens up a Google search results page, which simply means Chromesearch dot club is a fake search engine.

If manifested in the form of a browser hijacker, it will replace your browser's default search engine and will still display the same Google result pages. However, your browsing history, search queries and browsing habits may be recorded and logged, then resold for profit to third parties, usually advertising companies.

The combination of this behavior and the fact that Chromesearch dot club can modify your browser's settings without explicit user permission make this a potentially unwanted program, and as the name implies, this is not something you want to have on your system.

June 14, 2022