Remove ChannelParameter

The ChannelParameter app for Macs is not dangerous, but its installation is likely to be accompanied by intrusive and annoying changes to your Web browser. The worst part is that you might be unable to undo these changes unless you remove ChannelParameter first.

How is ChannelParameter Installed?

Mac PUPs are becoming increasingly popular. Many developers of such apps are targeting Apple's desktop operating system, because they are aware that many users are lax when it comes to 3rd-party security tools. In the meantime, the Mac's built-in security features might not be enough to deter such minor intruders. The good news is that you can ensure your Mac's protection by using an up-to-date security application.

The installation of ChannelParameter often occurs with the help of software bundles, misleading ads, or fake downloads. The goal of ChannelParameter is to plant its files on your device, and then take control over your Web browser's new tab page and search engine. Because of this PUP, you will experience redirects to low-quality search services, ad-ridden pages, and other non-trustworthy sites. If you are experiencing issues like the one ChannelParameter is known to cause, you should scan your Mac for intruders immediately. Using an up-to-date security scanner should be enough to eliminate ChannelParameter fully, and prevent it from causing any more trouble.

By Ruik
November 18, 2021
November 18, 2021