How to Avoid Ads

Captchafine dot live is a misleading page that will attempt to push ads into your browser, using a fake anti-bot check.

Landing on the page you will see a blank background and an image of a robot, along with text urging you to click "allow" to prove you are not a robot.

This is not how real anti-bot checks work and if you have done even a few real ones you would realize this very quickly. The page will only bring up the browser's "allow notifications" dialog and hope the user clicks "allow", fooled by the fake anti-bot check.

Doing this will permit the misleading site to send ads to your browser, using push notifications. Most misleading pages of this kind work with rogue ad networks and distribute their ads. This means the ads you may see from the misleading page can lead to unsafe locations, questionable content or scam and phishing pages.

Make it a rule of thumb never to interact with this sort of misleading site and look for the tell-tale signs of trouble - a blank page with no content on it and invitations to click "allow" in your browser, while the page is trying to persuade you this is a real anti-bot check.

November 28, 2022