What is the Bestshoppingresults.com Fake Search Engine?

browser pop-up

Bestshoppingresults dot com is a fake search engine that will generate bogus results and fill your search results page with promoted and sponsored links that will usually be irrelevant.

Similar fake search engines are often promoted using browser hijackers and rogue browser extensions that change your browser's settings and search engine, swapping them for the fake search engine.

Even if you do not have a browser hijacker that pushes Bestshoppingresults dot com in your browser, it's not advisable to use similar fake search engines. Links you click may lead to questionable pages, and the very nature of the results generated will differ dramatically from the results you would get from a legitimate search engine such as Google or Bing.

On top of that, fake search engines may also collect and store information regarding your browsing habits and search queries, which is a potential privacy risk. This sort of information is of value because it can be sold to advertisers to help tailor ads better.

September 30, 2022