BestMusicSearches Could Manipulate your Browser Settings

A Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) is a program that has the potential to harm or invade personal privacy but has not yet been proven to do so. The PUPs can be found in either the public and private sectors. The Potentially Unwanted Program can execute any number of possible functions.

BestMusicSearches is a PUP with browser hijacking capabilities that changes and modifies the settings of your web browser. When it is inserted or installed on your computer, this PUP may display incorrectly or in different ways based on various versions and versions of Windows, which changes to your web browser’s settings.


There are many ways to have a PUP on your computer, such as through IM, emailing, downloading and other online methods. You can also get a PUP by just browsing the internet without clicking on any of the ads that they show you. This is why you should stay safe on the internet by downloading files with caution. You need to always keep an eye out for any signs that the website you are visiting is trying to install a PUP without your permission.

If you keep seeing BestMusicSearches in your search results, then it is likely installed on your computer and you wish to remove it from the system. The best way to tackle the challenge is to use a reputable anti-malware service.

January 18, 2022