Audio Player Plus - Adware Disguised as a Browser Extension

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While examining the Audio Player Plus application, our team discovered that it displays invasive advertisements, which classifies it as adware. We came across Audio Player Plus while scrutinizing an untrustworthy website, as adware is often promoted and distributed through dubious means.

Audio Player Plus is promoted as an extension that enables users to listen to any audio format, but it also exhibits adware behavior by displaying ads on affected devices. It is important to note that not all adware is harmful, and some legitimate applications may exhibit ads to generate revenue.

However, some adware can be intrusive and harmful. It can track users' browsing habits and display targeted ads based on their interests and preferences, which can compromise the user experience and raise privacy concerns. Our analysis showed that Audio Player Plus has the ability to read and alter all data on all websites.

Moreover, adware can show pop-up ads that seem authentic but redirect users to malicious websites. These sites can steal personal information or infect devices with malware. In some cases, ads displayed by adware can trigger unwanted downloads and installations.

What Are Rogue Browser Extensions and How Are They Usually Distributed?

Rogue browser extensions are malicious software programs that, once installed, can modify the behavior of a web browser without the user's consent or knowledge. These extensions can perform various unauthorized actions, such as stealing personal information, tracking browsing habits, injecting ads, and redirecting users to phishing or malware sites.

Rogue browser extensions are usually distributed through various means, such as social engineering tactics, malicious websites, or fake software updates. For example, an attacker can create a fake website that looks like a legitimate one and prompt the user to install a browser extension to enhance their experience. In reality, the extension may be malicious and have harmful intent. Another common tactic is to bundle rogue extensions with free software downloads, which can trick users into installing them unknowingly.

Once installed, rogue browser extensions can be challenging to remove, as they often hide their presence and prevent users from uninstalling them. They may also modify the browser settings to prevent users from accessing security features or installing legitimate extensions that can detect and remove them.

To avoid rogue browser extensions, it is recommended to download software and extensions from reputable sources, read reviews before installing anything, and be cautious of unsolicited requests to install software or browser extensions. Regularly updating the browser and antivirus software can also help to protect against rogue extensions.

April 20, 2023

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