Uses Empty Scares to Push Ads

ads popups notifications

Antivirus-here dot com is yet another misleading website, put together with the minimum amount of effort possible, seeking to scare visitors and shove unsolicited ads in their browser.

Landing on Antivirus-here dot com, you will see an image of what is made to look like the interface window of an antivirus program. The text inside it will tell you that your system has been infected because you have "visited illegal infected website". Those with keener eyes for detail will spot the bad grammar on the very first line of the fake message and notice something is wrong.

Of course, the entire site and the setup with the fake virus warnings is fake. Along with the scary message, the site will also attempt to get visitors to click "allow" in the "allow notifications" dialog box of the browser.

Doing this is a shortcut to getting your browser spammed with ads that the misleading site may source through rogue ad networks. This is bad news, because such ads may link to other misleading pages, questionable content, scams and potentially unwanted applications.

Staying safe from all those potential issues is easy - just remember that every single online web page that tells you your computer is infected with anything at all is fake, close it and move on.

July 28, 2022