Akice-co.in Tries to Push Ads Through Fake Captcha

During a routine examination of untrustworthy websites, our team of researchers came across the rogue site akice.co.in. Its primary purpose is to engage in browser notification spamming, and at the time of our investigation, it employed deceptive CAPTCHA verification methods for this specific objective. Furthermore, the akice.co.in page has the capability to redirect visitors to various websites, most likely of an unreliable or dangerous nature.

It is important to note that the content presented on rogue websites like akice.co.in can differ based on the visitors' geolocation and IP addresses.

Upon our visit to the akice.co.in webpage, we were initially confronted with a dialogue box resembling a CAPTCHA test. The background image displayed a robot image alongside a message instructing the user to "Click Allow if you are not a robot." However, it is crucial to emphasize that this verification process is fraudulent, intentionally designed to deceive visitors into granting akice.co.in permission to display browser notifications.

If granted access, the site will bombard users with advertisements promoting online scams, unreliable or harmful software, and even malware. Consequently, by interacting with websites like akice.co.in, users may fall victim to system infections, severe privacy breaches, financial losses, and potentially even identity theft.

How Can You Tell an Anti-Bot Check is Fake?

Determining whether an anti-bot check is fake or genuine can be challenging, as some sophisticated methods can closely mimic legitimate security measures. However, there are several indicators that can help you identify a fake anti-bot check:

  • Unusual or suspicious design: Fake anti-bot checks often have poor design quality or inconsistencies. Look for elements such as distorted images, misaligned text, or low-resolution graphics that may indicate a fraudulent attempt.
  • Unusual or vague instructions: Legitimate anti-bot checks typically provide clear and concise instructions, such as selecting specific images or solving simple puzzles. Fake checks may provide unclear or confusing instructions that are difficult to understand or deliberately designed to deceive.
  • Overly challenging or irrelevant tasks: Fake anti-bot checks might present tasks that are overly complex, time-consuming, or unrelated to bot detection. They may include complicated math problems, require excessive mouse movements, or involve irrelevant information. Legitimate checks aim to identify bots efficiently and generally employ straightforward tasks.
  • Multiple consecutive checks or repeated requests: Legitimate websites usually conduct anti-bot checks once during the initial interaction. If you encounter repeated anti-bot checks within a short period or are prompted to complete the check multiple times, it may be an indication of a fake attempt.

If you encounter an anti-bot check that exhibits several of these suspicious indicators, it is advisable to proceed with caution. Consider the credibility and reputation of the website or service, and if in doubt, refrain from interacting with the anti-bot check or seek further verification from reliable sources.

May 19, 2023

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