What Does ActiveAnalyzer Mac Adware Do?

ActiveAnalyzer is the name of an ad-supported application for Mac computers. Ad-supported apps are also referred to as adware. ActiveAnalyzer belongs to the family of AdLoad adware clones.

The application uses the same visuals as all other AdLoad clones - it comes with a very generic icon so that it can better blend among the other apps on your Mac.

The sole purpose of ActiveAnalyzer and other AdLoad variants is to deliver ads to your Mac, inside whatever browser you use. The problem with this behavior is that a lot of the time the ads delivered by the adware apps are sourced using rogue advertising networks and can refer to pages and files that can be potentially harmful.

Rogue ads may link to pages containing questionable content, online scams, misleading sites and potentially unwanted application bundles. This behavior makes it very obvious why you don't want to have any sort of adware app on your system, whether it's ActiveAnalyzer or some other adware app.

Removal is fairly easy as ActiveAnalyzer doesn't have any real persistence mechanisms. Just drag its icon onto your Trash and empty the Trash afterward.

November 7, 2022