Beware of 'The raffle of prizes from the social network Instagram' Scam

There is a new online scam pushed through misleading pages. This latest scam is called "The raffle of prizes from the social network Instagram" scam and abuses the brand and name of Instagram to appear more credible.

Of course, Instagram, the legitimate company and application, have nothing to do with those scam pages. Landing on a page that hosts that new scam, users will see rows of images depicting wrapped gifts. Visitors will be urged to open the gifts for the chance to win an award.

The full text of the scam as it appears online is as follows:

Participation in the drawing

More than 100 units of computer and mobile equipment, as well as 50 cash prizes ranging from 50 to 5000 US dollars

All you have to do is open the correct gift box.

You have 3 tries, good luck!

* You can only take part in the promotion once

The raffle of prizes from the social network Instagram!

Congratulations and good luck!

Remember that this is a scam and don't engage with the pages that host it. If you do, you will be eventually referred to a page that will attempt to collect personally identifiable information on your person or obtain login details for your social media accounts.

Simply close your browser when you run into this new scam and go on with your day, knowing you saved yourself some trouble.

August 4, 2022