How to Protect my Passwords From Being Hackable?

protect passwords from being hackable

There are a lot of things users can do to improve their online security and decrease the chances of becoming the victims of online attacks. Here are just a few anti-hacking counter-measures that can be taken by anyone, that will dramatically decrease the chance of their passwords being cracked.

  1. Don't use Chrome's autofill feature. While it may be convenient for users to allow Chrome to take over the tedium of entering user names and passwords, that is ill advised. There are ways to exploit the functionality that can allow hackers to grab your passwords and user names via hidden pages, and there are also phishing attacks to consider.
  2. Do not ever reuse passwords. Although the temptation to just come up with a really good password and just use it across the board may be great, doing so is also a really bad idea. Imagine the following scenario – you make an account on some obscure platform, for instance – a forum for automobile enthusiasts, or a WordPress blog. What most people do not know is that for a multitude of reasons, WordPress is rife with security weaknesses, and most online forums don't really have a stellar security, so data breaches and leaks. This, by extent, means that the password you used to make that particular account may be stolen at any time – which is very bad news for any other account that may share said password. In order to avoid hackers getting a hold of a password that they can use in that way, users need to make absolutely sure that they do not repeat their passwords.
  3. Ensure password complexity. There are a few easy steps that users can take to ensure that their passwords are difficult to hack. The first one is to make sure that their password is long enough. 10 symbols is the absolute bare minimum of entropy to ensure that a bot will have a hard time breaking through it. Secondly, password complexity is extremely important. Even if you make a password that's 15 characters long, if it is something along the lines of '123456789101112', it will not protect your account very well at all. Your password needs to contain upper case letters, lower case letters, as well as numbers and at least one special character. Additionally, it is not a good idea to use some simple dictionary words with a number or two at the end. 'Bunny12345' is a bad password – you need to be more creative than that – think of something another person is unlikely to conceive of, and a bot is unlikely to just guess easily by trying random combinations of words, letters and symbols – such as 'flUffY*bUn-bUn1887'. Be creative and, as the saying goes – think outside the box.
March 30, 2018

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