Prevent Pop-Up Ads

computer pop-ups

Advnottech dot com is a very plain, very simple misleading website. The page is set up with a minimal amount of work and effort put into it, and with a single purpose - to push ads to the browsers of visitors.

When a user lands on Advnottech dot com, they are faced with a completely black page and two lines of plain text: "If you are 18+ click Allow", as well as a second line that says "To access, click allow!"

The obvious implication is that there is some spicy adult content hiding somewhere on the page and the user needs to click "allow" to see it. Of course, there is no content on the site, adult or otherwise. The whole thing is meant to lure visitors into allowing push notifications from the site.

If you do that, Advnottech dot com will send an endless stream of annoying and intrusive ads in your browser. A lot of those ads can be potentially dangerous, sourced from rogue ad networks and redirecting to other misleading pages, questionable content, or malicious sites.

The best thing to do in case you do end up on a page like this is to just close your browser and never click any elements on the page.

June 2, 2022