Pop-Up Scam is a malicious website that uses dangerous prompts to trick users into believing that their system has been infected by one or more viruses. Users who come across these warnings are likely to be concerned about their system's security, because the threat claims that they are being spied on, or that their files could be harmed. Thankfully, all of the Pop-Ups are 100% fake, and their sole purpose is to scare you into following the additional instructions they provide.

The goal of the scammers is to convince you that you need to follow their advice, and subscribe to the expensive technical support services they offer. They may try to charge you hundreds in order to fix the made-up issues your computer has. In other scenarios, the Pop-Up scam could be used to promote dodgy antivirus apps that also do not come cheap. We assure you that there is nothing trustworthy about, and you should not trust anything this website says. If you think that there really might be something wrong with your computer, we suggest scanning with the help of a reputable antivirus product for Windows.

March 31, 2022