MP3Juice Notifications and Pop-Ups

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MP3Juice is a website, which some users rely on to find music downloads. However, you must not forget that the content hosted on MP3Juice is not legitimate – it is all pirated music. While downloading this music is illegal, it may also end up exposing you to malicious content – pirated downloads are one of the favorite methods that cybercriminals use to spread all sorts of malware, including file-lockers and Remote Access Trojans (RATs.)

Even if you do not end up encountering any malware from the files that MP3Juice brings to your attention, you will still encounter shady content while browsing this website. It may display pop-ups and alerts urging you to download unknown, 3rd-party applications. Often, the MP3Juice alerts may take you to phishing scams or try to convince you to sign-up for premium memberships that may charge your credit card without your approval.

The MP3Juice website is accessible through a long list of domain names who have one thing in common – they all promote pirated MP3 downloads to their users. Some of the suspicious URLs that you should avoid are,,, and

June 14, 2021