Beware of the 'MicroStrategy Crypto Giveaway' Scam

Yet another fake cryptocurrency giveaway was recently put up online to scam those gullible enough to still believe this sort of overdone setup.

The scam abuses the name and likeness of American entrepreneur Michael Saylor to lend some false air of credibility to the malicious website put up to promote the scam, at saylor-giving dot com.

The premise of the scam is the same one that has been used time and time again when misrepresenting past scams as "giveaways" organized by other rich and famous people like Elon Musk.

Victims are told that if they make a "contribution" in crypto, the amount they gave will be sent back to them, doubled. This exact same setup has been used about a dozen times in past scams and will hopefully not manage to reel in anyone who has the means and brains to deal in crypto.

Common sense is your greatest ally when it comes to similar scams. As usual, when something seems altogether too good to be true, it almost always will indeed be a scam or a fraud of some kind.

October 19, 2022