'Microsoftsupport.co' Pop-Up Scam

Fraudulent domains are one of the most popular tools that cybercriminals and online con artists may use to lure in new victims. Often, they impersonate the names of legitimate websites and brands in order to leave users under the impression that they are visiting a real page. However, the truth is that criminals are simply stealing names and logos to make their fake page look legitimate – this is the case of Microsoftsupport.co, a website used to host a technical support scam.

The 'Microsoftsupport.co' Pop-Up Scam is promoted through online ads and redirects, which users are likely to encounter when spending time on low-quality websites like torrent trackers, adult video sites, or pages used to spread pirated media and content. The 'Microsoftsupport.co' Pop-Up Scam may tell visitors that they have an urgent computer issue that has to be fixed to prevent their data or system from being damaged. Allegedly, victims can ask for help by calling +1-855-622-0255 or +1-866-2233-1122 – neither of these numbers are associated with Microsoft, and you can rest assured that the people that will answer your call are not technical support experts. In reality, they are scammers who are after your personal information, money, and even financial data.

You should never trust random browser pop-ups, which urge you to call a technical support number – legitimate companies would never use such aggressive marketing. Cons like the 'Microsoftsupport.co' Pop-Up Scam work by lying to users that they need to purchase an expensive service, product or subscription to have their computer repaired when, in reality, there is nothing to repair.

If you encounter the 'Microsoftsupport.co' Pop-Up Scam, you should leave the website immediately and ignore anything it said.

May 5, 2021