'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam

Fake pop-ups regarding security and privacy issues are a common trick that cybercriminals use to spread malware or fake services and products, which may cost hundreds of dollars. The 'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam fits this profile, and its creators try to trick Apple users into believing that their IP address has been targeted by malicious users and that a dangerous virus is running on their device. The message goes on by stating that the user should not shut down their computer under any circumstances and that they should seek assistance immediately by calling 1-888-621-0834.

The website hosting the 'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam is designed to look like an exact copy of official Apple websites, and it claims that the phone number is part of the AppleCare support team. You can rest assured that AppleCare will not offer its services via such browser pop-ups, nor would they tell you about an active virus through a website. The goal of the 'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam is to trick you into calling a phone number operated by experienced scammers who will continue to tell you lies about your device's security and privacy.

The end goal of the scammers is to convince users to subscribe for an expensive service or product that are supposed to fix the current security issues. Needless to say, you will not get your money's worth – you should never agree to purchase software or services offered by random browser pop-ups, which rely on fear-mongering tactics.

If you encounter the 'AppleCare and Warranty' Pop-Up Scam, you should ignore the threats listed in the text. Close the messages and leave the website immediately.

April 19, 2021