'Malware Detected, Action Required' Pop-Ups

What is a hack vs what is a scam

Malware Detected, Action Required' Pop-Ups is a malicious message, which targets users of mobile devices, usually those who use an iPhone. These pop-ups may look very spooky when you see them for the first time because they will easily leave you under the impression that your files and data may be stolen by cybercriminals. Thankfully, the Malware Detected, Action Required' Pop-Ups are fake – all the things they tell you about are made-up. Typically, these fraudulent messages list several, serious-sounding problems:

  • Your phone's battery may overheat.
  • Your contact list will be stolen and deleted.
  • You will lose media stored on your phone.
  • Your SIM card might be damaged.

Allegedly, all of these problems are caused by Trojans. We assure you that nothing in these pop-ups is true. Their goal is to scare you into following the fix that the Malware Detected, Action Required' Pop-Ups provide. The messages try to convince you to click a button that says 'REPAIR THIS DEVICE.' Once clicked, it prompts you to download an 'antivirus app.' The app, however, is fake – it may end up causing serious issues with your device. For example, you may see countless of advertisements, experience browser redirects, and encounter other problems.

If you see such pop-ups on your computer or phone, you should ignore them. If you recall downloading any software that was brought to your attention through these messages, then you should immediately run an up-to-date malware removal tool. While the apps that these pop-ups promote are not necessarily dangerous, they might be adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs.)

August 5, 2021