'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam

The 'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam is a dangerous online scheme, which relies on fear-mongering messages and strategies to trick users into downloading shady apps. It appears that most screenshots from Jagmocutiong.com mention Apple devices, but it is likely that the scammers running this page are also targeting Android and Windows users.

But how does the 'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam work? Users are told that their online privacy is in danger, and that 3rd-parties may have access to their browsing data, cookies, history, bookmarks, and other information. Allegedly, these privacy issues can be fixed by following the instructions on Jagmocutiong.com.

The page says that users have two minutes to fix the issue before their data is leaked. The fix that the page proposes is downloading a piece of software that is supposed to protect your phone or computer. However, you can rest assured that the 'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam is not offering to download a legitimate application – instead, it tries to trick users into installing a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) adware or browser hijacker. Never trust random browser pop-ups, which claim to warn you about privacy or security issues, and then urge you to download or purchase software.

May 11, 2021