Is 320YTMp3 Safe?

320YTMp3 is an online service, which is found on multiple domains under the same name. The most popular one, however, is Using this service is supposed to help you download videos from YouTube, or convert them to an MP3 format – effectively allowing you to download your favorite songs. However, this is clearly a form of pirating, and we advise you not to engage with it. Pirated music is illegal and, even worse, it could expose you to potentially dangerous files.

Websites like 320YTMp3 tend to monetize their traffic by co-operating with rogue advertising networks. Legitimate advertisers would not want their name to be connected with 320YTMp3 and similar services. These rogue ad networks may often promote scams, low-quality contents, and all sorts of dodgy sites. This is exactly the case with 320YTMp3 – if you try to use it, you are likely to encounter too many advertisements, pop-ups, and other intrusive content.

Another risk of using 320YTMp3 is that it may try to convince you to download standalone convertors that could often turn out to be a Potentially Unwanted Program that will give you a headache. If you end up using 320YTMp3 to download songs, you should remember not to download anything it offers, and not to trust any of its advertisements.

One of 320YTMp3's Popular Scams

One last thing to say about services like this one is that they often try to use misleading messages to trick visitors into downloading 3rd-party apps. In the case of 320YTMp3, users might see a fake prompt saying that they need to download a specific utility in order to use the service. However, this is a lie – you do not need to download anything to make use of.

We advise you not to use 320YTMp3 to pirated content. But if you do, make sure to follow our advice and to use an up-to-date anti-malware application.

By Ruik
November 18, 2021
November 18, 2021