How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Flash is a platform developed by Adobe. For over two decades Flash Player was the component of the Flash platform that allowed users to watch, play and otherwise interact with content created using Adobe Flash.

However, in December 2020 Adobe officially discontinued any support for Flash. This effectively marked the end of the platform. Flash has been slowly being phased out even before the official end-of-support date, as it was known for many security loopholes, some of which always seemed to remain even after the frequent patches released from Adobe.

Flash will always be remembered fondly for all the curious, original and funny animations that were produced using it and the many popular Flash-based games that were a big fad a bit over a decade ago.

In order to uninstall Flash Player from a Windows computer, follow these steps:

  1. Download the official uninstaller for Flash Player. The file should be called "uninstall_flash_player.exe" and is available on Adobe's official site.
  2. Close all browsers or other software that is using Flash-enabled content in any capacity. This includes media applications that come bundles in executable Flash files.
  3. Run the Flash Player Uninstaller. Follow the onscreen prompts until the uninstaller finishes.
  4. Open your start menu and paste the following string with the menu open, without the quotation marks: "C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash"
  5. In the directory window that opens, delete all files you find.
  6. Repeat the process in steps 4. and 5. for the following locations on your computer:


%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player

%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player

  1. Restart your computer.

This will completely remove Flash Player and all files and components associated with it from your computer.

When it comes to browser Flash plugins, those have been slowly replaced by HTML5 functionality and have been obsolete for some time now. If you are running an updated version of your favorite browser, you should not have to worry about Flash.

February 9, 2021