How to Test Whether my Passwords are Weak?

password weakness test

Having weak passwords is becoming more and more of a concern among Internet users today. As stories of stolen accounts and data breaches pile up, it is becoming increasingly evident that industrious hackers can and will exploit such weaknesses in the user’s defenses for their own ends, most often – to disastrous results for the user. So what can be done about that?

So, what can users do about that? How to check whether your password is weak or not?

That’s easy, with Cyclonis Password Manager. Here's how you do it quickly and effortlessly. Download the Cyclonis Password Manager app and install it. Make an account. Then just simply log into your account. The very first thing that you will see when you do so is the Password Analyzer section of the Password Manager app. The Password Analyzer is a powerful tool that analyzes any and all passwords that are managed with Cyclonis Password Manager and gives Cyclonis users an accurate assessment on whether or not their passwords offer adequate protection against hacker attacks.

The Password Analyzer feature of Cyclonis Password Manager uses a multitude of criteria to estimate a password's overall safety, such as the length of the password, the symbol content of the password and the overall composition of the password. Additionally, Cyclonis Password Manager takes other important factors into consideration, such as whether or not the password in question has been reused across multiple accounts by the same user. It can also determine whether or not said password has been assigned to a website or service that has fallen victim to a data breach, and may, in fact, be compromised through no fault of the user.

All of these factors are used to make up a Cyclonis Password Manager’s Total Strength Score – and one glance at that can give you a clear indication of whether or not your passwords are adequate and whether or not you should take further steps to improve your online security.

April 11, 2018

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