How to Sync Passwords Across My Apple Devices

Want to sync up all of your Apple devices, but you don't know how? Well, I have just the thing for you. iCloud Keychain is just the handy-dandy tool you need.

What does iCloud Keychain do?

iCloud Keychain will automatically sync up your Safari login data, your credit or debit card data, your Wi-Fi network passwords, and every other username and password you use with on Safari on all of your Apple devices. iCloud Keychain will also sync up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media login data. The only requirements are that you're using iOS 7.0.3 or newer, or OS X Mavericks 10.9 or newer.

Is iCloud Keychain safe?

iCloud Keychain will only preserve the login data and card information that you approve of. If it is not authorized, it will not save any passwords or usernames. If you enable iCloud Keychain on another device, your previous devices will be notified and will require your approval before the new device can be hooked up with the rest. If you authorize it iCloud Keychain will immediately sync up the new device with rest. The iCloud Keychain app is equipped with powerful encryption algorithms, which will protect the information on all of your connected devices. Two-Factor Authentication will also apply if you have enabled it.

How do I enable iCloud Keychain?

First, make sure you have the at least iOS 7.0.3 or OS X Mavericks 10.9. If you're using an older version you will be unable to use iCloud Keychain. If you have newer versions skip this part.

Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.3 or newer:

  1. Hit "Settings > [username] > iCloud".
  2. On iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap "Settings > iCloud".
  3. Hit "Keychain" and slide to enable iCloud Keychain.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted.

On your Mac using OS X Mavericks 10.9 and newer:

  1. Select the "Apple menu", "System Preferences", then choose "iCloud".
  2. Press "Keychain".
  3. Type your Apple ID and password when prompted.

You'll have to activate iCloud Keychain on every device that you want to sync up with the rest.

Can I enable iCloud Keychain on a new device without my other devices?

It's still possible to set up iCloud Keychain on a device if you can't access your other synced up devices provided you have an iCloud Security Code.

iCloud Security Code.

Once you enable iCloud Keychain on a device, you can make an iCloud Security Code. It can be auto-generated, or you can think up one on your own. The iCloud Security Code is used to permit extra devices to use your iCloud Keychain. It's also used to verify your identity or to use other functions like recovering lost passwords or login info.

What if I lose my iCloud Security Code?

Don't do that. Apple can't recover your code if you misplace it. Also, be careful that you don't enter a wrong iCloud Security Code too many times it will disable your iCloud Keychain. Then you'll have to contact Apple Support, so they can verify your identity and re-activate your iCloud Keychain again.

What if I want to use iCloud Keychain, but I don't want my information on the cloud?

You can opt to skip the iCloud Security Code step when you're setting up iCloud Keychain. That way your info will be stored locally instead of on the cloud.
Simply tap "Create Different Code" when asked if you want to use your device's password as the iCloud Security Code. However, without an iCloud Security Code, Apple won't be able to recover your iCloud Keychain if something happens to it.

What kind of card information is stored in iCloud Keychain?

Only credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates. No passcodes or names are stored. iCloud Keychain does not autofill fields with credit card information.

June 12, 2018

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