How to Stop Ads

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Webfreshupdater dot com is a very low-effort misleading website. It exists with a single purpose - to push ads in your browser.

The page contains nothing but a fake anti-bot check. Landing on Webfreshupdater dot com, you will see a poor imitation of a Captcha image grid. If you have ever done a legitimate Captcha image grid verification, you should not confuse the fake instance hosted on Webfreshupdater dot com with the real thing.

The goal of the fake anti-bot check is to get the user to allow push notifications. This functionality is used to spam the user's browser with ads, often sourced from rogue ad networks.

This means the ads displayed may link to questionable online content, scam or phishing pages, other untrustworthy websites or potentially unwanted program installers.

You should be aware of the hundreds of similar misleading domains and websites that exist online and be very careful what you click on those pages. The best choice of action if you end up on a page like Webfreshupdater dot com is to immediately close your browser tab and move on.

November 29, 2022