How to Stop Ads

Ourhugenews dot com is a strangely named misleading website.

The name suggests a news website, even though it's not clear why it serves "huge" news. In reality, there is no content on the page at Ourhugenews dot com. The site exists only to push ads into the browsers of visitors.

The page will bring up the "allow notifications" dialog box, expecting the user to click "allow". This is combined with large text that says "click the allow button to subscribe to the push notifications and continue watching". Sadly, there is nothing to watch here, just ads delivered through push notifications.

Similar misleading pages may source their ads through rogue ad networks. This means the ads may link to questionable online content, other misleading pages, scam or phishing websites as well as potentially unwanted app installers.

Remember that when a blank page asks you to click "allow" before it shows you any of its supposed content, you should just close it and move on.

September 28, 2022