How to Protect Your Mac with Cyclonis Password Manager?

We all know passwords can be a huge pain in the behind. Who hasn't groaned when asked to enter a password for a new account on a website or app, especially if the site or app thinks your passwords aren't secure enough. But because so much of our 21st-century social life is based online, we have no choice but to have dozens of different accounts. Who doesn't have an account for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter or an email these days? And all of those need different passwords too. It can be a total nightmare at times.

To make it worse every website and app has its own requirements, whether its a certain length or level of complexity (think adding numbers and/or symbols to your password). You also need to make sure your passwords are all original and different from each other or you risk a massive data breach if a hacker gets a hold of your password. To top it off they need to be updated frequently as well. It can be a truly daunting task to keep track of all that nonsense when you have other things on your mind (like school, work, or your family).

Cyclonis Password Manager can manage all of your many online account passwords as well as all of your highly sensitive information. Cyclonis Password Manager is quite handy for keeping your data neat, arranged and easily accessible. CPM features many useful tools which will both strengthen your defenses while making your browsing and web-surfing that much more streamlined and enjoyable. CPM can be incorporated into all major browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Edge, Safari) in the form of a browser extension.

What features does Cyclonis Password Manage have?

Two-Factor Authentication.
Cyclonis Password Manager features an optional two-step verification system which can be toggled on and off depending on your preferences. It requires that you check your email for a verification code in addition to your password. This makes it much harder for malicious third parties to hack your account even if they get a hold of your password.

End-to-End Encryption.
Your private data vault is encrypted with AES-256, a powerful encryption algorithm used by financial institutions, governments, independent organizations, and even the military. Your private information is encrypted straight on your computer or mobile device before ever being transmitted to the cloud. AES-256 is extremely secure and virtually impossible to crack with brute force tactics. Only your master password can unlock your vault.

Password Generator.
CPM features a Password Generator tool which can aid you in creating personalized and complex passwords to improve your online security.

Password Analyzer.
Using a complex algorithm Cyclonis Password Manager can calculate the overall strength rating of your passwords by analyzing their length and complexity so you can have a better idea of how secure your passwords are. The Password Analyzer will also make sure you don't re-use old passwords.

Log into websites quickly.
CPM remembers all of your usernames and passwords. It can also automatically enter them when you visit a website for you.

Store and access your payment and personal profile information safely.
CPM can store all of your ID and payment cards for easy access and online purchases. Don't worry, these are protected by the same encryption as your vault.

Auto-fill web forms.
Cyclonis Password Manager can automatically fill long, boring forms online for you. It can also enter your usernames and passwords automatically.

Synchronize your devices.
Want your usernames and passwords both on your Mac and on your phone? CPM can do that for you. Cyclonis Password Manager handles of the data on your cloud storage. It can sync it across all of your devices if you want it.

October 10, 2018

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