How to Fix 'Video driver crashed and was reset!' Windows Error

Seeing a Windows warning or error that your video card's driver has crashed is always a red flag. Thankfully, this not necessarily mean that there is a hardware issue. Sometimes, the problem might be caused by a corrupted file, missing components, or an outdated driver. One of the commonly encountered errors of this sort is the 'Video driver crashed and was reset!' Windows Error. It is not related to NVIDIA or AMD drivers – instead, it is spawned by the Intel Graphics Driver that many built-in GPUs use.

'If you are 100% sure that youa re using an external graphics card, and not a built-in one, then you can ignore the 'Video driver crashed and was reset!' Windows Error and proceed to uninstall the Intel graphics driver – How to Uninstall Apps on Windows. However, if you are using the built-in Intel card, then you should certainly try to fix this problem immediately. These crashes might force you to restart your system if you do not take care of them.

Fix the 'Video driver crashed and was reset!' Windows Error by Updating Graphics Card Drivers

The first fix to try is the simplest and easiest one. Head to Intel's official website and download the latest driver compatible with your graphics card. Since modern Intel GPUs are part of the Intel CPU, you will need to choose the download based on the generation of your Intel processor.

Alternatively, you can go to Start Menu -> Device Manager -> Display Adapters. Once there, select the Intel® HD Graphics Family with a right-click, and choose Update Driver.

Reinstall Drivers Completely

If this does not fix the issue, then you should do a full reinstall. This will make sure that all settings are reset, and that you are not using any outdated files or components. Go to the Device Manager -> Display Adapters and right-click on Intel® HD Graphics Family. Select the Uninstall Device option and confirm this change. Reboot your system. Then head to the Intel website we mentioned above, and download the latest copy of the driver.

October 7, 2021