How to Fix Invalid Password Error

Are you wondering why you're getting an invalid password error message? It's because you entered the wrong password. Sure, that seems fairly obvious, but a lot of people are adamant that they did not make a mistake, that they did, in fact, enter the correct password and there must be some other reason they're getting the error message. Except, that's usually not the case. You may think you entered the correct password but in 99.9% of the cases with these invalid password error messages, you did not.
So let's try to understand exactly why the password you think is correct actually isn't.

Invalid Passwords

Usually, when you sign in somewhere with an online account, on the computer, or something else there's a password. The password was set up when you created your account. You must enter that password to confirm your identity as the person who owns and should be granted access to this account. If you entered the same password as the one you used when you signed up originally you will be allowed to enter.

If you get an "invalid password" message that means that the password you entered doesn't match the password in the system.
There are a few reasons why that can happen.

Difficult to remember

The majority of cases of the "invalid password" message are due to a typo on the user's part. This is especially common for people with extremely long and complicated passwords. Even if they know the password the sheer length and complexity can result in typos, especially on devices without keyboards.

Ensure that you're entering the right password without any spelling errors. The mass influx of small devices with even smaller keyboards has made entering the correct password even more difficult than before. On top of that, the asterisks usually displayed instead of the characters you've typing can make it virtually impossible to enter the correct password or even know what it is you've entered at all.

The correct course of action is to simply do it as slowly and carefully as possible. Sometimes, you can click or tap on the "eye" icon that will display the password you're entering.
However, you should only display your passwords when you're sure you're in a safe and private location. You definitely don't want anyone to see your password.
Another common situation is that people do not remember that they have made a recent password update, and they're entering the old password instead. This problem is multiplied if you have a lot of different passwords for different accounts.

Hacked accounts

If you're unfortunate enough that someone has hacked into your account, the first thing they usually do is change the password so that you can't get back into your account and kick them out.
The only thing you can do in this situation is to follow the appropriate account-recovery process to regain access to your account, set a new password when you do, and then take additional security steps to prevent it from being hacked again, like enabling Two-Factor Authentication, for example.

Other causes for the invalid password error message

Some apps warn you of this, but if CAPS LOCK on it will cause problems when entering your passwords. Upper and lower case letters are not treated the same when it comes to passwords.
It's also possible that whatever website, app, or online service you're attempting to log into was hacked recently. In such an event it will reset your and other users' passwords automatically. Usually, they'll accept your old password once and prompt you to update it, but in some cases, they'll remove all passwords and you'll be required to go through a password recovery process. However, they will always inform you first, usually by email.

June 11, 2020

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