How to Avoid Ads

pop-up warning

Smartcaptcha dot top is a garden-variety misleading website that presents a fake anti-bot check to visitors in order to get them to allow ads in their browsers.

If you found yourself on Smartcaptcha dot top in the first place, it is very likely that you hit a bad redirect or clicked a rogue ad on another page, as those are two of the most common methods for funneling users to misleading sites like Smartcaptcha dot top.

The page at Smartcaptcha dot top displays an image of a robot along with text urging visitors to click "allow" to prove they are not a robot. Of course, this is not how legitimate anti-bot checks work and it's just a simple trick to push ads in the browser.

A lot of those ads may be sourced through rogue ad networks and may link to questionable content, scam or phishing pages, untrustworthy websites and potentially unwanted program installers.

You can avoid all of those potential issues simply by never interacting with any unknown page that asks you to click anything on it. Simply close your browser tab and you will be safe.

August 4, 2022