How to Avoid Ads

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Easydating dot top is a misleading website dressed up to resemble a dating page. There are no dates to be found here, only intrusive and harmful ads.

Easydating dot top has no real content on it. When it loads, the page displays a black screen with large text that reads "If you are 18+, click Allow". This is a simple trick to get the visitor to subscribe to push notifications. Misleading websites like this one use this functionality to push intrusive and often harmful ads to your browser.

Misleading pages like Easydating dot top will often partner with rogue ad networks. This means that the ads that the page will deliver to your browser using push notification functionality may lead to potentially unwanted software, scam websites, phishing pages or other misleading websites.

All of this nastiness can be avoided very easily. When you land on an unfamiliar page that asks you to click "allow" anywhere on it, simply close your browser tab and know that you just saved yourself a major headache.

July 18, 2022