How to Avoid Ads

Jerenga dot click is a misleading website that attempts to convince visitors their system is infected with viruses.

The fake scares used by Jerenga dot click are found on a lot of similar misleading pages. The site is filled with images made to look like the interface boxes of antivirus apps. The messages displayed in them will try to scare the user, but are all fake.

Similar misleading sites are often used to push ads or redirect the user to phishing pages. Ads delivered by them can be sourced from rogue ad networks and link to malicious pages, questionable content and other scams.

Remember that no online page can scan your computer or know its security status. All of those messages about "x viruses" found on your PC are always fake.

Don't trust those sites and simply close the browser tab they opened in and move on.

What Does Redirects to Really Mean and How to Resolve the Issue

By Zaib
July 15, 2022
July 15, 2022