How to Avoid Ads

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Nonspewpa dot com is a misleading website that uses a fake anti-bot check to push ads.

Landing on Nonspewpa dot com would usually mean you clicked a rogue ad or a bad redirect somewhere else. The page at Nonspewpa dot com will display a blank white slate with the images of a man and a robot on it, along with the text "Press allow to verify that you are not a robot".

This is not how legitimate anti-bot checks work and is a simple setup to push ads in your browser. Clicking the "allow" button in the dialog box will give the page permission to spam your browser with ads through push notifications.

A lot of similar misleading sites partner with rogue ad networks and deliver their ads this way. This means the ads you see may link to questionable content, scam or phishing pages, other misleading websites or malicious files.

Next time you see a nondescript unknown site ask you to press "allow" anywhere on it right after it loads, just close the browser tab and go on with your day to avoid having to deal with the annoying and potentially harmful ads that follow after you click that little button.

September 21, 2022