How to Avoid Ads

Cousonelly dot com is a misleading website that will display a fake anti-bot check to lure visitors into allowing ads in their browser.

Similar misleading sites use simple but effective tricks to push ads in your browser. In the case of Cousonelly dot com, the lure is a fake anti-bot check.

Loading the page, you will see text telling you to "click allow to prove you are not a robot". Of course, this is not how Captcha or real anti-bot checks work. This is just a simple trick to get the user to allow push notifications.

Misleading websites like Cousonelly dot com use this functionality to spam your browser with ads. The biggest issue with this is that a lot of those ads may be coming from rogue ad networks.

Similar ads may link to questionable online content, other misleading websites, scam or phishing pages or potentially unwanted programs.

Whenever an unfamiliar site asks you to click any buttons on the page immediately after loading, especially when asking you to click "allow" anywhere, you should just close the tab and know that you have one less computer problem to worry about.

September 23, 2022