How to Avoid Pop-Ups

ads popups notifications is a website that attempts to lure visitors into clicking a single button to allow an endless stream of intrusive and annoying advertisements in their favorite browser. The most common way you might land on or similar websites is through clicking a seemingly innocent ad on a web page, likely delivered through a rogue advertising network. displays a standard browser pop-up interface used by legitimate websites too, asking the user to allow push notifications in their browser. However, unlike legitimate sites, you will not be getting meaningful notifications from Instead, your browser will begin showing you a lot of pop-up advertising, seemingly at random intervals. Those ads will impair your browsing experience and may further lead to potentially dangerous pages, hosting malware, or linking to other dubious websites that can be related to gambling or questionable adult content.

To make sure that as many users as possible click the "allow" button in the pop-up, dangles the promise of a free $50 gift card, displaying a colorful image and telling the visitor they won the gift card. Naturally, no such gift card exists. This is just a simple social engineering trick used by scammers to lure people into clicking "allow".

Similar websites will only cause your browser to slow down due to the avalanche of ads that will begin cropping up if you allow notifications. The best thing you can do if you find yourself on or other similar websites with strange domain extensions is to immediately navigate away or simply close the browser tab in which the page opened to make sure you don't accidentally allow intrusive ads in your browser.

May 3, 2022