'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam

Internet scammers often take advantage of the latest news and events in order to come up with new ways to scam users. Just a few weeks ago, media reports informed the public about the Pegasus spyware – a malicious implant compromising Android and iOS devices. Allegedly, the malware was developed by a professional hacking firm who then sold it to bidders from all over the world. While this spyware is likely to be used against high-profile targets, many users ended up panicking, thinking that their device may have been compromised too. This is the exact event and reaction that attracts con artists. Currently, there is a mass email spam campaign, which tries to lure users into a dangerous scam. The 'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam targets users all over the world, and informs them that their device has the Pegasus spyware on them.

'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam Extorts Users for Money

The message says that the hacker has planted the malware and recorded the victim's behavior. They mention some sort of 'zero-click' attack, which is a made-up term – there is no such type of hacking attack. If the 'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam ends up in your mailbox, the criminal may tell you that they have recorded nude videos and photos of you. They also claim to have stolen your contacts. The criminal threatens to send the recordings to your friends, family, and co-workers unless you comply with their demands.

This is a variation of the 'sextortion scams' that have become popular in recent years. You should not fall for the 'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam – the criminal is bluffing, and there is no malware on your devices. Our suggestion is to report the sender, and delete the message. Always be careful with incoming messages from unknown senders – if they ask you for money, then they are a scam.

August 25, 2021