Fans Beware! 'FIFA Crypto Giveaway' Scam Fishes for Victims

A new crypto-themed scam is being pushed online, using the ongoing soccer world championship as a tie-in lure.

The scam uses the tried scam of "give to receive". Victims are encouraged to "contribute" crypto through the website and are promised a double payout of what they contributed. Of course, this is a scam and there is no free lunch here - if you contribute, your crypto is simply gone forever in the wallets of the scammers.

There is at least one domain pushing the scam, at fifadouble dot com, but there may be others.

The pages running the scam are set up in a relatively professional manner and even use a photo of FIFA president Gianni Infantino, in an attempt to lend some air of credibility to the scam. Of course, the page and the scam have nothing to do with Mr. Infantino or FIFA, or any other legitimate entity for that matter.

The same setup of "contribute X, receive two times X" have been used by at least a dozen similar scams in the past and by now users are hopefully familiar with the fake setup and will avoid the scam.

Remember that when something you see online seems too good to be true, it's probably because it simply is not true.

November 22, 2022