Converto dot io Redirects

Converto dot io is one of the many websites found online that offer free conversion of YouTube videos into mp3 audio or mp4 video files. However, it may also bring a few unwanted guests to your system's hard drive.

First things first, while Converto dot io does work and will indeed produce a working link, downloading files from YouTube is illegal and against the YouTube platform's terms of service.

With that out of the way, the issues with Converto dot io don't stop here. When you first open the Converto dot io website, you will be faced with a notification box to allow the site to send notifications to your device. The service is also using questionable ads and rogue advertising networks.

This means that a lot of the advertising displayed on the website is of questionable nature and may lead to potentially harmful sites. Some of those links may contain more dangerous malware and lead to more significant problems with your system.

Users who visit the website while also using a robust ad blocking addon may find Converto dot io almost harmless and seemingly completely safe, as the bulk of those potentially dangerous ads are swept clean by the ad-blocking tool. However, the experience of someone not using an ad blocker is completely different and potentially much less safe.

It is best to steer clear of similar websites, including free media converters scraping content from streaming sites and torrenting websites used to distribute pirated software and illegal movies. An ad blocker may give some sense of security when visiting similar pages, but it is best to avoid them entirely.

November 16, 2021