Yts dot mx Ads

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Yts dot mx is a website that is primarily used for downloading torrents. As with most websites that deal with torrents, the overwhelming majority of the content shared there is illegally distributed and copyrighted. In addition to this, the website uses some advertising practices that can put your computer at risk.

This is not the first example of this kind that we have reviewed. There are numerous sites, both related to torrents and other services, such as for example downloading offline copies of streaming videos, that have poor advertising practices.

Sites such as Yts dot mx generally do not care about whose advertisements they display, as long as they get paid. This means that a good portion of the ads displayed on similar websites are from dubious sources. A lot of the advertisement banners will link to unsafe pages and will refer you to locations where you may contract real malware on your system.

This is why you should generally avoid this type of website and service and even if you do land on one by accident, should definitely never click on any of the ads displayed there, if you want to keep your system clean and secure.

Following unsafe ads and landing on dubious pages may lead to various sorts of potentially unwanted programs or more dangerous malware being quietly installed on your system.

If you have an ad blocker of some sort installed on your system, you will have partial protection from this, but your best bet is simply not to visit similar sites who practice such indiscriminate selection when it comes to whose ads they display.

September 20, 2021